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Pets 3/5M Retractable Dog Leash

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$15.90 - $18.90
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Color: Sky Blue

About this item
Retractable Dog Leash nylon tape extends up to 3/5M, The use of nylon tape material provided by the supplier of automotive safety belts ,strong and durable, No noise design made for daily use.
For any types of dog with up to 110lbs in weight, This Retractable Leash works for powerful large dogs, as well as medium sized and smaller dogs, giving them maximum freedom while under your control.
Safe And Reliable Brake System: One Button Break to lock .When the brake button is pushed, the retractable leashes instantly stops and is securely held at exactly that length.a perfect spring for smoothly retracting dog leash while you will not hurt yourself.
Ergonomic TPE Anti-slip Handle is easy and safe to grip, provides enjoyable walking experience with your pets and you don't worry about the dog leash will hurt your hand when the dog run about madly.

Product description
Every dog is a sports genius
The EC.TEAK retractable leash that is designed for walking in open areas with your best friend to enjoy the fun of freedom

Break & Lock safety system
You can push the button all the way down to lock the leash, or click the button back to easily reel your dog back in.
It will remain locked as long as the button is pressed. Its reliable lock system gives you full control enabling instant retraction of your dog when needed

Consider in advance how your dog might react in unpredictable situations. For safety reasons, keeps your dog at your side before any possible dangerous situation emerges.
The retractable dog leash should not be used by children.
Do not try to open the plastic casing or disassemble any other parts, the spring inside may cause unexpected injuries.
Do not hold or grab the tape and do not allow the tape to become wrapped around parts of the body, you may get hurt.
The dog may bite the belt when the first time you use the product, which is normal. So please pay attention to it and avoid the damage caused by dog biting or sharp items.

New package included:
1 x Retractable dog leash