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Pets LED Retractable Dog Leash

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Color: Dream Purple

About this item
Size: It comes in one best sizes 5M. This retractable dog leash for small dogs to large breeds.
Material: (ABS-TPU-Zinc Alloy-Steel) The case of leash is made up of hard plastic which is quite strong and the leash has lifetime useable Naylon ribbon material and the durable internal spring makes the Nylon tape extend and recoil smoothly, heavy duty retractable dog leash snap hook has zinc alloy material which is rust free and long lasting.
Specifications: This Retractable cord dog leash has one button brake and lock system, double sided RGB flow ring, built-in light with different colors effect help you at night, feel more secure than before. it is lightweight (0.49 Lbs), even a kid can hold it easily as well as anti-slip. The angle of up to 180-degree can allow your beloved pet to move freely without any difficulty, it is tangle free with changeable batteries.
Design & color: Ergonomic and modern look anti-slip soft handle reduce hand strain and comfortably even on long walks and running. solid ABS plastic case is non-toxic and odorless, prevents impact ing caused by accidental falling. It has white color with orange grip.
Friendly Customer service: If there is any problem, please contact us.

Double side light ring: It has a range of 6 colors and allows one to change the color of the side ring, which makes it different from an ordinary leash. 
Spotlight: Built-in spotlight gives one maximum visibility and safety in a dark environment. 
360 degree- tangle free: it allows one to control one's dog from any angle 
Anti-slip handle:  One can hold the leash grip fully because of the comfortable & anti-slip material used for holding.
Long, strong tape: 5M long, strong tape provides comfort and maximum freedom for one's pet. 
One button brake & lock system:  One-touch braking system makes the leash easy to use and allows the person to customize the length of tape by pressing the brake button. 

Color: Dream purple, Vibrant orange
Material: ABs, TPU, Naylon, Zinc Alloy, Steel
Type: Retractable Leash

1.If the rope gets wet, please let it dry before taking it back to prevent damage.
2.Never touch the rope when it is running in and out.
3.The leash should not be operated by little children, do not use the leash other than for its intended purpose.

How to use:  
First, fully unlock it to let the pet poke around. 
Press the button down to keep the length of the tape. 
Kick backward to lock the button. 
Enjoy a Pleasant time with your cute puppy.